In the beginning I wanted to make a nice set of Themes for Xcrawl, then I did a little math and found I’d have to make 72 new Powers over the course of my conversion. I’ll leave that kind of heavy lifting to the pros!

Career History

Athlete: You’re a veteran of another sport like Football or Baseball. People are wondering what kind of talent you’ll bring to the Empire’s favorite bloodsport, but you’ve already got the teamwork, physique and discipline.
Benefit: +2 to Athletics, bonus to Teamwork Pool

Trapper: Somebody has to fill a DJ’s monster roster, and until recently that someone was you. You know more about the monsters you’ll face than anyone else, and that kind of expertise is money in the bank.
Benefit: +2 to Nature, +1 Damage vs Immobilized or Dazed monsters

Celebrity: You’re already known for something, whether its acting, being the child of someone very famous or just about anything else. With your previous experience in the dog and pony show of fame, you’re certain you can lock up this ‘XCrawl thing’.
Benefit: +2 to Diplomacy or +2 to Bluff, +1 to Permanent Fame

Aristocrat: You won the womb lottery and were born into the Nobility of the American Empire. You have a title, land, and can depend on your family name for access to the best of everything. In fact, what you’re doing risking it all on a chance to be loved by commoners glued to the TeeVee is beyond your family. Maybe there’s not that much support there after all.
Benefit: +2 to History or +2 to Diplomacy, Noble Status

Priest/ess: You work for one of the Temples and are part of the hierarchy of the Priesthood, gaining some privilege as a representative of the State Religion. Choose which god of the Olympians you heard The Calling for – it is in His or Her honor that you compete publicly against vile monsters and your fellow XCrawlers.
Benefit: +2 to Religion or +2 to Insight, Religious Status

Hidden Disciple: You are an active member of the One God Cult, in defiance of the State-sponsored Greek Pantheon. As a Hidden Disciple, you operate in a loose network of Cells and conduct secret operations to get your holy texts into Hotels and protect fellow believers from discovery and capture. You refuse to rely on Divine or Arcane magic and believe monsters to be Profane. Messianics hate XCrawl and what it stands for, so if you participate you need a good, solid reason for doing something that goes against a faith that you already risk your life to practice.
Benefit: +2 to Streetwise or +2 to Bluff, +2 to Saving Throws against Charm and Domination

Ex-Legionnaire: You have served a tour of duty in the Emperor’s Legions and saw combat. While all citizens are obligated to provide some kind of service to the military, you were deemed fit enough for a weapon. In addition to your normal Background Benefits, you have the Rifle Proficiency feat.
Benefit: +2 to Endurance, +2 HP

Alfar Agent: For whatever reason, you work for the dread Alfar, the dark elves that live in the Land Beneath the Land, who seethe with jealousy at the surface world. DJs commonly work with the Alfar to gain exotic monsters from underground ecologies, but that doesn’t have to be the reason why you work for the Alfar.
Benefit: +2 to Stealth or +2 to Bluff, +2 to saves vs Poison

Technomage: You are a part of a new school of magic that blends magic and technology. This school of magic is responsible for many innovations, such as Arcane Viewing Screens that record and display visuals for XCrawl events. When you’re not in a Crawl, you’re probably working on your Arcane Batteries and tinkering with technomagic items.
Benefit: +2 to Technology, and may use Arcana when Mugging for the camera.

Cage Fighter: You’re no stranger to combat in an isolated, no-escape situation. Whether you took part in illegal matches or sanctioned fights, you’ve brought a special kind of meanness to XCrawl. You aren’t used to working in a group, but you ARE used to putting the fear into your opponent.
Benefit: +2 to Intimidate, +1 to Initiative

Everyman: Also known as a ’Commoner’s Commoner’, you’re Blue Collar all the way to your boots. No fancy Title, no Celebrities in your family, just a home town you love, a day job you hate, and a reputation for hard work. You’re the team member that people think of as most like themselves.
Benefit: +2 to Endurance, +1 to checks to Sway Crowds

War Wizard Vet: People with a gift for spells are not exempt from mandatory military service. Perhaps you worked your way into an officership, perhaps you did scrying and other forms of support, but you were probably a combat mage, casting defensive spells on your Legionnaires and raining fire on the Empire’s foes.
Benefit: +2 to Arcana, +1 to Initiative

Lucky: You have some kind of strange gift for landing on your feet, for things going alright for you when all signs pointed to disaster. Clearly the Gods hold you in their favor, and you probably have a creative nickname to describe your luck.
Benefit: +2 to Perception, +1 on Misfortune Saves

Motorhead: You love engines, and probably work on them as a hobby if not for a living. Mechanical things speak your language and vice versa. With some good fortune, your XCrawl career will support your Hawg habit.
Benefit: +2 to Drive, +1 AC and Reflex vs Mechanical Traps

Table Top Player: You’re an old school pen & paper DungeonBattle player, with years of experience under your belt and the statistical knowledge to back up your game.
Benefit: +2 to any check to know an XCrawl fact, +1 to interact with DungeonBattle players


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