Razzle Dazzle ’em..

When you become a part of the colorful sport that is XCrawl, you have a choice to make. Will you be a Face or a Heel? Face players represent the most valued qualities of the Empire and present a good front. Heel players flaunt the rules and display their power with little consideration for hurt feelings. Your choice of Face or Heel is called your ‘Turn’, and will determine how your characters play themselves up to audiences in order to gain Fame.

A PC has two types of Fame: Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent Fame is based on your level and Tier. 1 Level = 1 Permanent Fame. When you hit Paragon Tier, you get a +5 to Permanent Fame, and you’ll get another +5 when you hit Epic Tier. Permanent Fame is the bedrock amount of acclaim you’ll gain simply for being a powerful, well-trained expert in your field. As officers and heads of the various trade guilds are famous, Adventurers that manage to exceed their tenth or twentieth level will hold a place in the public memory for some time.

Temporary Fame is based on your doings of the moment, and can fluctuate wildly from one adventure to the next. Temporary Fame is also affected by your Turn, and acting ‘out of character’ can harm your image and cut into your appearance fees! Temporary Fame is also like a currency – you can spend it for things like leniency in a Crawl, the Summon Taxi Cab ritual, comped meals at the fanciest restaurant you can think of, and so on.

Temporary Fame Modifiers
  • Dungeon Wins – Usually +1, but a ‘hotter’ dungeon or a win in the Finals is worth +2, and the Emperor’s Cup is worth +4 Temporary Fame
  • Successful Signature Moves – +1, once per Dungeon or Level of Dungeon depending on size
  • Moments of Glory – +1 for those rare gems. ‘Ok, you can do it, but you have to roll a 20.’ ‘20.’
  • Every 5th Successful Grandstanding/Mugging Check – +1


  • Disqualification – -2 Temporary Fame
  • Arguing on Camera – -1 Temporary Fame


  • Missing a chance to be a Heel – -1 Temporary Fame
  • Dropping the act on camera – -1 Temporary Fame


  • Buying 1 point of Permanent Fame – -5 Temporary Fame
  • Belaying a DQ or suspension – -3 Temporary Fame
  • Pulling strings to get on your favorite show once – -2 Temporary Fame (but remember you’re still getting your Appearance Fee, right? Right?)
  • Insert yourself in a series on a regular basis – -4 Temporary Fame (now you need to seriously pull something off to make this work and get your Fame back)
  • Start a reality show, starring you – -8 Temporary Fame
The Fame Bonus

Fame Bonus = (PF + TF)/2 That’s Permanent Fame plus Temporary Fame divided by two. This is a bonus you can roll in the right social circumstances, such as schmoozing with fans or taking an interview.

When you lose take a fame penalty and you have no Temporary Fame left, that’s Freefalling. Your Permanent Fame is NOT reduced, but you lose Fame Bonus equal to the penalty that lasts for 1 Week per -1.

For example, a level 6 character with no Temporary Fame still has 6 Permanent Fame, for a +3 Fame Bonus. If they’re penalized 2 Fame, they can’t lose anything, but their Fame Bonus drops to +1 for 2 weeks.

Standard Appearance Fees

A celebrity can command an appearance fee equal to their Total Fame x 250 gold.


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