Controversy: You can bitch your way to statistical excellence.
Prerequisites: Trained in Bluff
Benefit: After a completed Dungeon level, you can make a Bluff check vs the Referee’s Insight. If successful, you can add 1 to your score for the level, or you can ignore one Referee warning.

Crowd Favorite: The crowd gets behind you very easily.
Prerequisites: Charisma 14, trained in Diplomacy (Face) or Intimidation (Heel)
Benefit: You gain +2 to checks to Sway a Crowd or to Grandstand

Extra Signature Move: You may purchase another Signature Move
Prerequisite: You have already purchased and used a first Signature Move

Hottie: You radiate sex appeal.
Benefit: +2 Confidence bonus to Charisma-related rolls to interact with a member of your preferred sex.

The Profile: You kill with style and distinction!
Prerequisite: Charisma 14, trained in Diplomacy (Face) or Intimidation (Heel)
Benefit: After a kill, you gain +4 to Grandstanding checks until the end of your next turn.

Rally: You know how to motivate your teammates in a tight situation.
Prerequisites: Paragon Tier, Charisma 16
Benefit: You learn the Rally power. You can only use Rally if you have been in two consecutive crawls with your current team!

Rally: Close Burst 5, Encounter
Effect: All allies in the burst that can hear you gain +2 to hit and +2 to Will Defense. Choose one Ally suffering an ongoing effect, that Ally may immediately roll a Saving Throw with a +2 bonus against one ongoing effect.

Gun Feats

A gentle reminder that Guns are illegal for private citizens to own, and are against the rules to use in XCrawl. Crawlers who have a gun on their person when a referee goes over their equipment before a Crawl will be disqualified.

Automatic Weapon Training: You may use Automatic Weapons with proficiency

Pistol Training: You may use Pistols with proficiency

Rifle Training: You may use Rifles with proficiency.


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