Sometimes things just don’t go your way..

When you roll a Natural 1 on a d20 while in combat, that’s a Fumble. When you Fumble, you need to roll a Saving Throw against Misfortune. If you fail the Saving Throw, you butterfingers your way to the blooper reel, and the DJ gets to roll on the Misfortune Table.

Misfortune Table

Roll 1d6 to determine what bad thing happens to the Fumbling player!

  • 1: Drop Weapon/Implement; roll a d8 for scatter and a d4 for distance.
  • 2: The Fumbler falls Prone
  • 3: -1 to the Fumbler’s Speed (Save Ends)
  • 4: Wardrobe Malfunction; roll a d6 to determine what wardrobe item is rendered unusable until you get to a Break Room or take a Standard Action to restore the item to its proper place. If the character doesn’t have anything in the slot rolled, use the next highest number until something is affected.
    1: Head Slot
    2: Amulet Slot
    3: Hands Slot
    4: Feet Slot
    5: Belt Slot
    6: Armor
  • 5: -2 to the Fumbler’s attacks till the end of their next turn
  • 6: The Fumbler deals 1[W] Damage to him or herself


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