The Adventurer’s Guild

If your character plays in an XCrawl team, they have to be a member of the Adventurer’s Guild. The guild looks out for the interests of all XCrawl players, and works to keep truly horrific and unfair things like poisons and virulent diseases out of the game.

The primary Adventurer’s Guild Hall is located in the heart of Washington City, and is a majestic sight to behold. Visitors throng the Hall, which has many of its rooms and displays open to the public (primary among these is the Runway). Guild-only portions of the Hall include training facilities, barracks, meeting rooms and the Executive Board Room.

Recruits to the guild are brought to ‘The Farm’ (an affectionate insider name for the Guild-Only portions of the Hall that become a home away from home for new members) for training and indoctrination into the guild. After a season of training, if they are deemed ready by Jim “Dinosaur” Green, the head trainer of the guild, they can go on to play in whichever market their Agent sends them to.

Major cities have their own licensed Adventurer’s Guildhalls, which provide important services like workout rooms and Tuesday Night Beer Night.

Rank in the Guild is gained via a 2-sided Points system, one side for participation in the sport and the other for betterment of the guild and services to the guild (such as participating in Guild charity events or PSAs).

The Specialist’s Guild

With all those traps and locks to disarm, a formerly frowned upon group became legitimized for the sake of the Emperor’s new favorite sport – Thieves. So long as the Specialist’s Guild doesn’t participate in and condone actual crime, they’re allowed to train future XCrawl stars and special operatives to the empire…of course, that’s just a rumor, right? The Specialists operate their own Lock and Trap school, and protect their clean reputation ferociously.

The Mage’s Guild

All practitioners of Arcane magic in the North Amerian Empire must be member of the Mage’s Guild and obey their bylaws in order to legally use their talents. Bards are exempt from this as their powers are seen as insignificant to the Empire’s interests, and they are mostly self-policing. There are 33 ranks within the Mage’s Guild, starting at 33 and narrowing down to 1, the Headmaster of the Guild. While there may be millions of Rank 32 Mages, there are only a handful of Rank 3s in the world. The Necromancer’s Guild is still largely a part of the Mage’s Guild, but the services they provide the Empire’s most popular sport may be giving them the power they need to finally separate.


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