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Welcome to XCrawl!

What is XCrawl? Only one of the more fun 3rd party D&D settings of 3rd edition! I’m putting my conversion work up here for my use and maybe someday my player’s use. If Goodman Games whips up their own 4th Ed version of Xcrawl, I may end up taking this wiki down.

But anyway, back to what XCrawl is – it’s part parody, part dungeon crawling epic, part alternate history and part classic D&D. It’s pretty great, is what it is. Players form teams to challenge artificial Dungeons created and stocked by Dungeon Judges with monsters, traps and hazards, competing with other teams for the privilege of winning the final level on live pay-per-view and gaining fame and fortune! Dungeons are built according to the rules, but they’re still potentially lethal.

You are a celebrity. Or, at least, you’re working on it. Risking life and limb for the glory of the North American Empire (and the glorious ratings!) and Emperor Ronald I (may he reign forever!), you hope to claw your way into the limelight, make the big endorsement deals, and lead your team to victory – and fabulous prizes!

The only thing standing in your way is the Dungeon Judge of your latest crawl..and all of their monsters…and puzzles…and traps…and your lack of teamwork…and you don’t even rate a pay-per-view yet…


These feats are only appropriate for a 4E Xcrawl game, and are open to revision.



Because the world of XCrawl is a mirror of our modern world, many Backgrounds are very different. If I run it, every character gets one Background at character creation, and that Background will give one +2 bonus to a skill and an additional ‘flavor’ bonus or useful combat bonus.


Combat Rules Modifications

There are a few simple differences in how combat is run for an XCrawl game as compared to a normal D&D game, so here’s all the stuff in one place.

Teamwork Pool


Signature Moves


As you develop as a player, a member of your class, a member of your team, and a celebrated idol of the masses, your Fame will grow! Being in the halls of the mighty is not enough – you have to play to the crowds to really make your name!


Grandstanding and Mugging

Support and Setting

You’re not in this game alone! You have your teammates, the Adventurer’s Guild, maybe a second Guild you’re a part of, as you get into the big leagues you’ll have your Agent, your Coach, maybe a Trainer.

Lots of modern convenience is available to you – but not everything that you know today. Because of the ready availability of Arcane and Divine magic, the pressure to develop technology is lessened. Things are stuck at about a 1980s level of tech.

Support Staff

New Skills


Rules of the Xtreme Dungeon Crawling League <-If you read nothing else, read this!


The Lord Stableford Points System

Money and Wealth

Spells and the Law

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