Signature Moves

Give ‘em the Empire’s Elbow!

Signature moves are flashy and complicated to perform, and some fans hold their breath for hours waiting to see their favorite player do The Stake n’ Bake or the Blood Rondo. These special attacks are as much a part of a player’s carefully cultivated image as their costume and catchphrase, so treat them with care! There just might be an action figure of you built to do a pale imitation of your Signature Move one day..

A Signature Move is always a Daily Power, and it should take both a Standard and a Move action to perform. All Signature Moves have a special Requirement: Must have a live audience present in order to perform the Signature Move. Signature Moves are similar to Grandmaster Training, and PCs have one ‘slot’ for such a move when they begin the game. They are built by the player, approved by the game master, and purchased by the character with gold during downtime while the character trains in the special technique.

Players may not start with a Signature Move unless otherwise informed by the game master, and it takes a minimum of 2 weeks of training to gain one.

Acting out a Signature Move takes 3 distinct steps which must be done in order;

  • Step 1: The Call – take a Minor Action to alert the fans with a distinctive pose, catchphrase, etc
  • Step 2: The Move – Make your Signature Move happen! Spend all necessary actions, roll the dice and hope for the best.
  • Step 3: The Wrap – If the move is a success, the player immediately gains +1 Temporary Fame. During the round after a successful Signature Move, the player may make a Grandstanding check with a +5 bonus.

Signature Moves

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