Support Staff

Every Athlete has an ‘Inner Circle’..

You know you’ve really started to make it when you contract with a good agent. Famous people collect hangers-on and support staff, and whether an XCrawl player loves it or hates it, they will too. While support staff costs money and creates drama, they also provide benefits you just can’t get any other way.

Henchmen: XCrawl rules and regs allow each team to have one noncombatant hireling to carry excess equipment and follow the team throughout the Dungeon. Sometimes the noncombatant is a specialist, but usually they’re a Henchman. There in every room, carrying the weight and providing commentary and advice, the Henchman can be invaluable or irritating. The players should take some time to build their team’s Hench and give him or her character so that the situation is more entertaining.

  • Henchmen can carry up to 1/2 the weight capacity of the highest Strength player.
  • A player can retrieve an item from a Henchman with a Minor or Move Action, depending on the size of the item. The player must be adjacent to the Henchman to do this with no question. If they want the Henchman to throw them an item, they can call out for it; the Henchman must be able to see and hear them and have unobstructed LOS to the party member, and the Henchman must be no further than 2 Squares away. In order to catch the item, the player needs to make an Easy Dexterity check of their level.
  • The party may give a magic item to a Henchman and ‘equip’ it by retrieving it from the Henchman. Magic items equipped this way supersede an item of the same slot the character may have had previously equipped, and must remain equipped until the party reaches a Break Room or the end of a Dungeon Level.

Coach: A professional Coach is a serious asset to any team, and drills members of his or her team on special techniques that can be used in XCrawls. They study the performance of their teams and their team’s opponents and point out weaknesses in tactics and skills.

  • Motivation – (bonus Team Action Points?)
  • Team Strategy – (multi-player Signature Moves?)
  • Enemy Playbook – (ability to negate or mitigate enemy effects, ie; extra saving throws against a known common effect)

Agent: An Agent takes a percentage of their client’s earnings in return for finding their clients more and higher quality work than they might get on their own.

  • Publicity Stunt (rough idea – fame boost in return for money/effort/laughs at table – Agent suggests risky things that pay off in fame if they work?)
  • Endorsement Broker -
  • Emergency Substitution – (can help get a famous/heavy hitting crawler to replace a downed party member between Levels on very short notice)
  • Marketing – (Gain an extra Temporary Fame whenever you level?)

Team/Personal Alchemist: If you want to cut out the middleman and you don’t have a teammate who can make alchemical items, then a Team Alchemist is the way to go. When you retain an Alchemist’s services, you get a steep discount on items they create, and can even take them into a dungeon with you for an extra fee! An Alchemist counts as your Retainer if you choose to bring him or her into the dungeon with you.

  • Potion/Alchemical Item Discount: 50% off potions and alchemical items bought from your alchemist on retainer.
  • Dungeon Support: If you pay to have your Alchemist travel with the Team to a Dungeon, he or she will be waiting in the Break Room of each level for the team, ready to restock the team with potions or alchemical items up to the legal limit. Potions or alchemical items from the dungeon can also be swapped out for things from the Alchemist’s stock. Any items the team takes from the Alchemist (without giving a similarly or higher-leveled potion in return) will be billed to them later, of course.
What Will it Cost Me?

You’ll tend to be charged what people think you can afford. As characters go up in level, they’ll find prices climbing along with the rewards…maybe a few more endorsement deals and they can keep up with their Rock N Roll lifestyle..

An S before the price denotes a Single Player utility and cost, and a T denotes a Team utility and cost. S/T can be either depending on what the party wants.

  • Agent – S/T – 5-10% of all events
  • Bodyguard – S – 50gp per event per level
  • Coach – T – 250gp per month per level per player
  • Driver – S/T – 15gp per week per level to have an available driver from a company, 10x to have your very own driver
  • Henchman – T – Negotiated percentage of team earnings per Dungeon or 100gp per month per level (Your guy there probably has a day job to get back to..)
  • Personal Chef – S – 50gp per week per level
  • Team Alchemist – T – 300gp per month per level, +300gp per level to attend a Dungeon with the team.
  • Wardrobe Guy – S/T – 200gp per month per tier
Other, Less Mechanically Exciting Hirelings

Bodyguard: A bodyguard watches the star’s back for them, jumping on the crazed fan with a gun for a paycheck. Many XCrawlers refuse to use bodyguards since violence is their stock and trade, and they don’t want to give the impression that they can’t defend themselves. Still, there are times when even the hardest competitor needs a little extra protection, and a Bodyguard probably has things like a license to carry a weapon.
Driver: When you’re rich and famous, some things just become stuff other people do. When you hire a Driver, you can choose what they’re riding you around in, whether it’s your own custom SUV, a Limo, or some other fancy transport.
Personal Chef: Some celebrities seem to swear that having a personal chef just changes everything. Now you can have that exotic lifestyle diet you always dreamed of, and it’ll even be palatable!
Wardrobe Guy: Makes sure your costume for Crawls and your suits for interviews are always impeccable! Also does armor repairs, and recommends improvements to armor and weapons.

Support Staff

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