Teamwork Pool

Still No ‘I’ in Team

XCrawl is a bloodsport, and every player is risking their lives when they enter a dungeon. Every edge has to be sought and exploited, and one of the biggest deciding factors in whether a team is victorious or monster chow is Teamwork. Only a Most Ignoble Death Award awaits the chump who freelances in another corridor while the rest of the party is fighting. Winning teams train together, pay attention to each other during a crawl, and support one another in combat.

To reflect this, teams gain a Teamwork Pool, rated from 0 to 12. Teammates can spend points from this pool on other players to boost their rolls. The ‘exchange rate’ on this is 1 point per +1 before the roll is made, and 2 points per +1 after the roll is made. 4 points can be spent to give someone else a re-roll, and 8 points can be spent to give another player an Action Point that they can spend that round (this can exceed the one AP per encounter spending limit).

The Teamwork Pool can never exceed 12 or go below 0, even if bonuses or penalties would take it outside of these bounds.

The Teamwork Pool fluctuates over the course of a Crawl based on spending, player actions, and other factors.

Spending rules change when every player but one has been incapacitated. The Last Man Standing rule gives the last player the ability to spend Teamwork Points for themselves since they ARE the whole team now. In addition, when only one player is left standing, 3 Teamwork Points are immediately added to the pool.

Pre-Game Teamwork Pool

At the start of a Crawl, the DJ determines how many Teamwork Points the players have in their pool. They start with 1d6 plus…

  • +1 The Team Captain makes a rousing Pre-Crawl speech (vs Crowd DC)
  • +2 for having a paid Coach
  • +2 for having an Athlete on the team
  • +1 for a previous victory
  • -1 for a previous loss
  • +2 for the Home Team advantage
  • -3 for a Hostile Crowd (Hard Sway Check)
  • -1 for a Lame Crowd (Moderate +2 Sway Check)
  • +/-0 Normal Crowd (Moderate Sway Check)
  • +1 Good Crowd (Hard Sway Check)
  • +3 for when the Whole World is Rooting for You

In-Game Pool Modifiers

  • -2 for ‘Bad Form’
  • -1 for a Fumble that leads to Misfortune in combat
  • -3 for Party infighting
  • +1 per Room Victory
  • +1 per Critical Hit
  • +1 per Awesome Deed
  • -1 per DQ (Disqualification)

Swaying Crowds

The roll to Sway a crowd is done between Dungeon levels, when you’ve had a chance to show the attendees your stuff, and at the beginning of a Dungeon, when you promise to give the crowd a good show.

Sway Crowd checks are group checks that the party makes against a level-appropriate DC (pg 42) determined by the mood of the crowd. If more than half of the party succeeds at the Sway Crowd check, the mood of the crowd improves by one step and the Teamwork Pool gets a +1 bump. If everyone in the party succeeds, that bump is +2. If everyone in the party fails, the mood of the crowd worsens, and the Teamwork Pool loses a point.

Grandstanding is about getting the crowd to notice you and Sway checks are about getting the crowd to realize how much they ought to love you. Swaying the crowd between dungeon levels is good strategy for Grandstanding and banking on the Fame.

Teamwork Pool

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